DH Festival Artists

And Your Desert Hearts Crew


What's Up Desert Hearts Family...

Damn it feels good to write those words again!!

From throwing our first ever City Hearts Festival, to touring nonstop, and the huge strides we've made with our record label, it's truly been one of the best years of our lives. It's been full steam ahead and all systems go spreading this message of love as far and wide as possible, but no matter how many parties we throw or cities we tour, there's nothing in the world that compares to our Desert Hearts Festival. If we're all the veins of this movement, the festival is the heartbeat that pushes the love through us. It's the soul of our community and the driving force behind our ethos. It's a goddamn super beast and we fucking love it!

This year we decided to host the festival at the end of April in hopes of providing a warmer experience to past years. We enjoy the frigid nights just as much as anybody, but we wanted to mix it up this year. You should know that the last time we tried this in Apple Valley, it straight up snowed on us. But hey, the Desert Hearts Gods have a funny way of messing with us. In theory this should work! 

We cannot wait to spend another 4 days at Los Coyotes with you beautiful people. It's time to re-energize the family and spread as much love and positive energy as humanly possible. It's time for Desert Hearts Festival 2018.

House, Techno, & Love... We Are All Desert Hearts.

Infinite love and nonstop beats,

Your Desert Hearts Crew